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        LT9-450Copper Large Pull with continuous annealing production line
        copper rod breakdown machine;rod breakdown machine;8mm copper rod dawing machine
        From 8mm to 1.78mm—3.30mm
        copper rod input diameter:8mm,
        output diameter: 1.78mm—3.30mm
        production speed:480meters/s
        production capacity: 1200KG/hour

        copper rod breakdown  wire drawing machine (450/LT9)
        number of dies:9
        installed capacity:125KVA (Main motor:AC.110KW,spooler motor:15KW)
        drive: frequency inverters
        Dimension length 3000 * 1800mm Weight 6.5T width

        This company produces LT9-450 continuous annealing line used with pull-plus double-disc received Continuous Annealing Line (or, as the nose unloading line) production model, the formation of the entire production line continuous operation, drawing machine from a copper rod into the line of direct pull 8.00mm Model copper wire.
        Annealing mode DC-annealing, annealing the use of advanced low-voltage power supply high current power supply, the control system adopts microcomputer intelligent control, equipment operation more stable, the maximum speed of 8 m / sec.

        Wire drawing bench
        parameters 350water tank wire drawing 450water tank wire drawing
        Inlet diameter Φ3mm Φ8mm
        Outlet diameter Φ0.8-Φ2.8mm Φ2.2-Φ3..3mm
        Drawing speed 400m/min 380m/min
        Main motor power AC 22Kw-37Kw DC 110Kw-160Kw
        Take-up machine power Torque motor 20A 6P Torque motor 25A 6P
        weight 1000Kg 6000Kg
        Annealing machine
        parameters TH-800 TH-1200
        Annealing wire diameter range 0.8-2.8mm 2.2-3.3mm
        maximum speed 380m/min (Φ2.0mm) 360m/min (Φ2.5mm)
        Annealing current 1500A 2000A
        Annealing voltage 50V 50V
        Annealing capacity 60KVA 100KVA
        Shape size
        1500×750×2000 1600×750×2000


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