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        Our inverted wertical drawing machine at the production site of Changshu Standard Parts Plant

        Main Technical Parameters::
        Items Unit Model
        Diameter of capstan mm Φ550-Φ1400
        Maximum diameter of inlet wire mm Φ40
        Intensity of material Mpa ≤1200
        Compression rate % 15-30
        Maximum drawing speed m/s 2.5
        Motor power kw 11-110

        The product is developed for the non-slip drawing of medium & low carbon steel wire, special shaped steel wire and nonferrous metals with thick & medium diameters.It is especially suitable for the drawing of medium & low carbon steel wire in standard parts and supermarket shelf industry.The maximum inlet diameter can reach 30mm and diameter of capstan is 550-1330mm.
        Transmission part of the system can apply cycloidal speed reducer,harden gear surface reducer orrockerreducer.Its electric system applies international famous brand frequency converter with stable
        performanc. Features of the equipment:
        1.It is applicable for continous production process of coil with heavy charging box.
        2.Easy operation and reliable control enables safe production and convenient maintenance.
        3.Application of 3-phase AC variable-frequency speed adjustment realizes smooth stepless speed regulation
        and saves more than 30% electric power.
        Full automatic feeding+ automatic cutting+ inverted drawing machine production line  is the special equipment for the market by our company’s digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and design of heavy wire, large diameter drawing, simple and reliable operation, high safety. Unique high performance, humanization design is the preferred equipment drawing of low carbon wire rod, widely used in metal products, raw silk, bolt of large diameter wire drawing industry, deeply loved by industry experts and entrepreneurs who have farsightedness.

        Characteristic instruction:
        ★ the wire feeding with programmable frequency conversion control, makes the stability which linkage of wire drawing machine is very high, the design of multiple safety protection device for production safety equipment, so the equipment can be more stable operation, safe and reliable. Wire feeding process is fully automatic, without manual operation.
        ★ cutting mechanism of control is the same with the wire feeding machine, driven by hydraulic control, the operation is convenient and flexible, automatic cutting process, the cutting effect is excellent.。
        ★  the control of inverted drawing machine is safe operation mode, stop immediately for emergency shutdown, tangled lines, break and electrical faults, the brake system is safe and reliable, the operation is convenient and flexible, humanized design makes the whole line operation more convenient and reliable, the entire line of the main electrical components, hydraulic components are equipped with international famous brand products.

        Automatic wire feeding part Automatic cutting part The inverted drawing part
        name unit parameter name unit parameter name unit parameter
        The active roller diameter mm Φ250 Cutting mode   Built-in rotary cutting Drum diameter mm Φ550-1500
        speed m/min ≤50 Cutting process   automatic The largest diameter line mm Φ38
        Motor power Kw 5.5-11 Motor power Kw 0.75-1.1 Inline strength Mpa ≤1200
        Feeding style   Single action, linkage The mobile form   Hydraulic, hand, automatic control compression ratio % 15-30
        Press wheel form   Adjustable hydraulic control gearbox   Cycloidal needle wheel The max wire drawing speed m/s 0.5-2.5
        gearbox   Double gear drive Cutting diameter mm Φ12-38 Motor power Kw 22-110
        Wire diameter mm Φ12-38 Cutting material strength Mpa ≤1000 Control mode   AC variable frequency speed regulation
        Material strength Mpa ≤1000 Control mode   PLCcontrol Reduction box   Hardened face gear drive
        Control mode   PLC control            

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